About Gerard Norris


What's your problem?


About Gerard Norris

What's your problem?


Get past the politics and noise. Focus on assisting business owners to maximise their business potential, through technical solutions.

Everything that we want to change involves a problem that we need to address. It can be difficult to identify the root cause of many problems, because we may be too close to them. When you get an outside an opinion of someone who can see the wood from the trees, they can often provide unique insights to the issue or problem.

This includes website development, website security, accessing your data in the cloud and more other topics. Having someone who has operated in a multi-national environment with lots of hands on experience, can be invaluable and save you money in the long run.

Sometimes we may not have achieved a desired outcome with a client or regulatory body. The next steps that we take may assist us or create further problems. Getting an outside opinion on how to smooth things over and recover from the situation, can turn a negative into a positive.
If you do require assistance in any of the above areas or other business problems or issues, I can help.


A varied working history and continuous professional development provides me with a unique approach to problem solving and business solutions.

  • FEBRUARY 1998

    Manager of the Operational Laboratories in HP

  • APRIL 2000

    Built first website using HTML and CSS

  • JUNE 2003

    Manager of the Science Laboratory in HP

  • MAY 2005

    B.Sc. Honors Degree in Business & IT from TCD Dublin, Ireland

  • SEPTEMBER 2007

    Business Analyst - HP Supply Chain.

  • MAY 2010

    Self-Employed as a Business Consultant & Professional Trainer.

Making a difference.

Built on everything that I have learnt over a lifetime. Get things done easier, quicker, and the way you want.
That's what I do!